OIT Shopping Cart Improves Service Ordering at Emory

December 6, 2010

In an effort to improve operational efficiency in service ordering, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) recently purchased a shopping cart application from the MySoft vendor, Compco. Called the OIT Shopping Cart, this application is an extension of the MySoft suite of IT Service, Inventory, and Financial Management software, supported by the Enterprise Applications' Business Systems team.

“In conjunction with the launch of Service-now, the OIT Shopping Cart and Billing Portal now provides a central location for our customers who request OIT billable services,” says John Connerat, Executive Director, IT Finance and Administration. “We have simplified the customer experience, and have provided a better front door for our customers who buy our services on the front end through the Shopping Cart and who need to validate their charges on the back end through our billing portal.”

The OIT Shopping Cart is similar to many of the current web-based shopping interfaces that are in the market today. All of OIT’s billable services are currently available on the Shopping Cart and customers can simply choose the service option that best fits their needs. The interface utilizes helpful photos, making the selection much easier, and provides upfront costs, which is a big improvement over the old ways of ordering at Emory.

As a result, charges are automatically entered into the billing system, eliminating the sometimes error-prone task of manually keying orders. Additionally, a work order is created for the customers, providing them notifications and order tracking. You can use the tool at http://oitbilling.emory.edu.

The OIT Shopping Cart was made available to the campus and Healthcare on November 1, 2010. The Shopping Cart is integrated, at a high level, with the new IT Service Management tool, Service-now, whose Incident Management module went live on the same day.