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PLEASE NOTE: OPUS was upgraded June 11, 2018. Below are several training guides.Videos do not have audio, except for Course Planning and Enrollment

General How To's

Student Homepage Overviewvideo
Student Profile Tile Overviewpdf
Emergency Verification (at the beginning of each term)pdf
Student Task Tile Overviewpdf
Create a Guest Access Accountvideo
Student Account Tile Overview (Pay Charges)pdfvideo
Financial Aid Tile Overview - Applicantspdf
Financial Aid Tile Overview - Studentspdf
Financial Aid Accepting Your Aidvideo
FORMER Students - How to change password
Advisor access to student schedule
Administrators - How to reorder your homepagespdf
Staff - How to complete the Courtesy Scholarship application

Student Records

Course Planning and Enrollment
View Class Schedule and Textbook Listvideo
Download Class Schedule
View Gradesvideo
View Course History (Classes completed, in progress and future enrollmentsvideo
View an Unofficial Emory Transcriptvideo
View or locally print Enrollment Verification Reportvideo
Request an Official Emory Transcriptvideo
Find Expected Graduation Term and Faculty Advisorvideo
Complete a GER/GEP searchvideo
Update/Change Grading Basis for a Class
View enrollment appointments/datesvideo
View exam schedulevideo
View transfer creditsvideo


FORMER Student - How to change password

  • Profile Tile
  • Change My Password page

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Create a Guest Access Account (video)

  • Guest Access tile
  • Create New Guest Access – enter requested information
  • Next Page
  • Set Access rights
  • Read Authorization Agreement
  • Agree/Do Not Agree
  • Submit

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Financial Aid Accepting Your Aid (video)

  • FA Tile
  • Choose Aid Year
  • Award Information
  • Accept of Decline Awards
  • Review and agree to Terms & Conditions
  • Submit
  • Click on Accept/Decline button
  • On award level you can
    • Accept an award
    • Accept & Reduce the amount of the award
    • Decline an award
  • E-Sign,Yes

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Advisor access to Student Schedule

  • Log into OPUS
  • Use the navigator icon to navigate to the page
  • Self Service > Advisor Center > Advisee Student Center

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Staff - Courtesy Scholarship application

  • Log into OPUS
  • You should land on the Student Homepage
  • Click the Student Account tile
  • Other Account Services link on the left
  • Courtesy Scholarship Request link on the left

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Student Records:

Course Planning and Enrollment (video coming soon)

Add to Shopping Cart from Class Searchvideopdf
Add to Shopping Cart from Plannerpdf
Add to Planner from Course Catalogvideopdf
Enroll in Classespdf
Validate and Enroll from Shopping Cartpdf
Enroll from Plannerpdf
Enroll from Course Catalogpdf
Add Yourself to a Class Waitlistpdf
Drop Classespdf
Swap Classespdf
Update Classespdf
Swap into Waitlisted Class - Drop if enrolledpdf

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How to view Class Schedule and Textbook List (video)

  • Course Planning and Enrollment tile (Default page is Class listing)
  • Click “By Date” tab (Date/Time view is presented)
  • View Textbooks – goes to Barnes and Noble site and provides a list of required textbooks

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Download Class Schedule

You can log into OPUS

  • Go to opus.emory.edu
  • Click on the "Course Planning and Enrollment" tile
  • You will land on the "View My Classes" page
  • Choose the term you need to view classes for
  • Click the "Download Calendar" button
  • Save the resulting .ics file and import into your calendar program.

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How to view Grades (video)

  • Academic Records tile (Default page – View Grades)
  • Select term
  • View grades

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How to view Course History (video)

(Classes completed, in progress and future enrollments)

  • Academic Records tile
  • Course History (Filters by Taken, In Progress, Transferred, and Planned)

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How to view an Unofficial Emory Transcript (video)

(Verify that browser allows pop-ups from site)

  • Academic Records tile
  • View Unofficial Transcript
  • From the Report Type drop down, select Advising Document
  • Submit

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How to view or locally print Enrollment Verification Report (video)

  • Academic Records tile
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Allow to Print from My Browser
  • Set Program/Plan, Earned Degrees, Term and GPA
    (Choose Term if only want information for a single term)
  • Submit

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How to request an Official Emory Transcript (video)

  • Transcripts tile OR Academic Records tile
  • Request Emory Transcript
  • Proceed with Order
  • Follow instructions from Transcript Ordering Page

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Find your Expected Graduation Term and Faculty Advisor (video)

  • Academic Progress tile
  • Select Advisor or Expected Graduation option

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Complete a GER/GEP search (video)

  • GER/GEP Search tile
  • Choose the option for the requirement
  • Enter the term
  • Choose the campus
  • View Results

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Update/Change Grading Basis for a Class

  • Log into OPUS
  • Course Planning and Enrollment tile
  • Drop/Swap/Update Classes – Update Classes
  • Choose Term
  • Choose Class by clicking on the “>” symbol
  • Update Grading Basis – then click Accept
  • Review – Submit - Yes

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View Enrollment Appointments/Dates

  • Log into OPUS
  • Course Planning and Enrollment tile
  • Enrollment Dates

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View Exam Schedule

  • Log into OPUS
  • Course Planning and Enrollment tile
  • Exam Schedule

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View Transfer Credit Report

  • Log into OPUS
  • Academic Records tile
  • View Transfer Credit Report

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