Emory's Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Emory Integrated Computational Core (EICC) collaboratively support the Emory Enterprise LabKey Server.

LabKey provides software solutions that help researchers overcome the data management and workflow challenges faced in today’s research environment. LabKey was developed as a "biology-aware" data integration platform that can be customized to meet the needs of diverse research organizations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of biomedical research fields, including proteomics, flow cytometry, genomics, mass spectrometry, clinical data and observational study management.

  • Provides researchers with the ability to integrate, analyze, and share complex biomedical data.
  • Facilitates indexing of both metadata and assay results allowing users to search broadly and deeply across an entire data repository.
  • Provides a built-in understanding of clinical study entities like participant identification and visit sequence to organize study data.
  • Highly customized platform which can help define new data types, customize collection methods, and design workflows for individual environments.
  • Provides real-time visualization, secure collaboration, data drill-down, and flexible data integration.
  • Provides API based extensibility and tool development via R, Javascript, Python, etc.
  • Facilitates compliancy with Emory’s HIPAA policies and procedures.
  • LabKey Server utilizes “role” based security model.
  • LabKey Platform Overview