Integration Operations

Integration Hub, Java Application Server, DevOps Toolchain

This service most commonly used for software that enables communication and management of data in distributed applications. In this more specific sense middleware can be described as “the dash in 'client-server'” (or the '-to-' in peer-to-peer for that matter). "The software layer that lies between the operating system and applications on each side of a distributed computing system in a network. "Services that can be regarded as middleware include enterprise application integration, data integration, message oriented middleware (MOM), object request brokers (ORBs), and the enterprise service bus (ESB).

This service is includes developing and hosting Java-based web applications and web services in service-oriented architecture (SOA). The Emory Java Application Servers is a clustered java application server platform and related applications that enable the development, hosting, registration, and discovery of web applications and web services for Emory enterprise.

In addition this service is used for enterprise application integration (EAI) in heterogeneous and complex environments. The Emory Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a middleware platform that sits between different enterprise applications such as PeopleSoft, Canvas, ServiceNow, RAVE, iModules, Salesforce, etc. The Emory Integration Hub offers a set of core services and connectors that connect into those enterprise applications and enable them to interact and communicate with each other in service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Web applications development and hosting
  • Web services development and hosting
  • Web services registration and discovery
  • ESB core services and connectors management
  • Message transportation
  • Message validation, transformation, routing, logging
  • Application integration