Operations Control-Management

Data Center, Colo

Operations Control and Management is a suite of offerings that helps ensure our IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently. This collection supports a wide variety of critical functions such as job scheduling, print and output management, network and application monitoring and server colocation.

At Emory, we encourage customers to house their servers in an appropriate space where IT professionals manage most/all aspects of the physical environment including power and cooling, access management, and environmental monitoring.

Due to the potential for taking advantage of additional/associated OIT services, customers are encouraged to consult with OIT so that we can discuss specific needs.

Traditional infrastructure monitoring occurs within data center spaces. OIT has added tools to the monitoring suite that will expand our views into core services and applications with the goal of delivering a true service-performance view. OIT is working to create an application monitoring offering for customers.

In addition to these services, the data center is also home to comprehensive solutions for Emory’s document output and batch job scheduling.  This service uses Control-M workload automation to schedule and manage production batch jobs across the Enterprise production systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Data Center is protected by dedicated fire protection equipment
  • Entry to data center facilities is granted only to authorized service technicians with restricted access badges
  • Environmental monitoring to ensure proper cooling is maintained
  • Power is redundant and backed up by generator
  • Recharge colocation offering is pending