Apple is coming to Emory! Monday Oct. 12, Cox Hall Ballroom

September 17, 2009

In recognition of the substantially increased number of Mac users at Emory, and underscoring that the Mac at Emory is supported as Applean equally viable choice to the Windows platform, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is hosting an all day event highlighting the latest in Apple software and mobility. This event will be held in the Cox Hall Ballroom and will feature both presentations and hands-on workshops with Apple's latest innovations.

Prime among them will be an overview of Mac OS 10.6, code-named "Snow Leopard", that brings some key new features to Emory's users. This latest upgrade, available for all Intel-based Macintosh computers, sets new standards in terms of energy management as well as optimized speed. It will be showcased in an early morning overview.

The day will be hands-on, with workshops highlighting new functionality from Apple, but also from Microsoft and Citrix. Emory's Macintosh user in 2009 is no second class citizen, as functionality exists to seamlessly bridge the Microsoft Exchange and Windows world.

Perhaps no Apple technology has had a more profound effect recently than the iPhone. Sponsored by Apple, the keynote will feature Dr. Roman Cibirka, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs of the Medical College of Georgia who will speak about the iPhone, mobility, and handheld computing in the Medical Sciences. Apple will be providing a limited number of iPod touch devices for users to Test Drive for the day.

Apple@Emory is a day dedicated to Emory's Mac users. Online registration is essential as we try to guarantee everyone a chance to play with these technologies.

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