Updates from the Emory Centers for Educational Technology

November 12, 2009

Computing Center and Clean Room Packed and Growing:
The start of Fall semester saw another record-breaking number of students in the Computing Center at Cox Hall. 27,291 total entrances in September alone, an almost 20% increase from the same time last year. Classes, study sessions, tutorials all increased, as did the number of students utilizing the services of the Clean Room. 988 students came to the Clean Room for help with their personal computers this September, representing an increase of over 35% from the same time last year.

In recognition of the overwhelming popularity of these spaces and services, University Administration approved an expansion of the Computing Center into the space next door (4,000 sq. ft. formally occupied by the Counseling Center). The Computing Center will gain additional collaboration areas, study space, and a new classroom, while the Clean Room will have a larger, more functional and secure area within the Center. We are hoping this expansion is completed and ready for students by the start of Spring semester!

Dual-boot Computing in the Language Lab:
The Language Lab carried out a computer refresh this Fall. Seventeen new Intel iMacs were installed running both Mac OS X and Windows XP. Students can now easily boot into their operating system of choice. Currently, we're seeing approximately 58% Mac logins and 42% Windows logins. This has been such a success we are planning on going all dual-boot in the Computing Center at Cox Hall this coming Spring Semester!

H1N1 and Staying Connected:
ECIT in partnership with the University's Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, hosted a session for faculty from across Emory highlighting the various ways instructors can use technology to stay connected to their students should the H1N1 flu impact their class. Highlighted technologies included: email lists (listserves); blogs and wikis (Blackboard); podcasts (iTunes); online conferences (Learnlink); streaming video (the RealVideo Server), videoconferencing (both room-based and desktop applications); and Emory's cable TV.

Languages on iTunesU:
The language podcasts on iTunes U continue to grow and be downloaded by users around the world. Podcasts from the Language Center now comprise about 90% of all downloaded podcasts in Emory iTunes U, an average of 61,000 downloads per week and a total of 1.63 million individual track downloads. Top countries accessing Emory iTunes U are the United States, Japan, Canada, and Great Britain.

- Kim Braxton, Manager Centers for Educational Technology