Showing off our Green!

April 24, 2009

UTS staff represented a significant portion of the first 100 to sign Emory's Sustainability Pledge. If we include 5 others from Research and Health Sciences, we have 40 signatures from Emory's Office of Information Technology...that's 40% of the first 100 pledges across Emory!

Barbara C. Ballisty

Elizabeth Bell

Marisa A. Benson

Sandra W. Butler

Alan Cattier

Andrew J. Chin

Kim Comstock

John E. Connerat

Peter W. Day

Andy P. Efting

Linda Erhard

Richard J. Fischer

Ronald J. Foust

Dawn Francis-Chewning

Rhonda D. Fuss

Sandra Harrison

Kathy Hayes

Joe Head Jr.

Carole Hirthler

Denise F. Holliday

Camille Hyatt

Elliot Kendall

Mary J. Kinney

Julia Leon

LaKysha Mack

Joseph T. Massey Jr.

Linda Mayes

Harrison Miller

Charles Minihan

Gerald T. Mosley

Heather O'Rourke

Bonita R. Russell

Sahado (Sarge) Sarju

Helen E. Starks

Ann Berry Ward