Emory Mobile Begins Phase II

May 20, 2011

Last year, Alan Cattier of University Technology Services and Jan Gleason from Emory University Marketing sponsored the Blackboard Mobile service, branded as Emory Mobile. Emory Mobile is a highly flexible suite of applications that provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with the ability to access a multitude of Emory data sources.

The application currently provides campus maps for both the Atlanta and Oxford campus, access to the online directory, news, events, athletics and library information. These applications were initially implemented for the iPhone and as of April 11, 2011, they can be downloaded to Blackberry and Android devices.

Emory Mobile has provided the community with a foundation that can be expanded to add additional applications to the existing suite enabling people to access a greater wealth of information. Phase II of the Emory Mobile project has just begun and in this phase the team will implement the following applications:

  • Courses - Students will be able to browse the course catalog to find information about the course, the teacher and contact information for the teacher.
  • iTunes U - Users will have direct access to Emory's iTunes U presence, including top downloads, and provide Emory with other opportunities to highlight content.
  • Tours - Users will view tours of various parts of the campus that can be viewed from the iPhone and obtain specific information about selected parts of the tour.
  • Transit - Users will be able to link to the TransLoc web application to view information on bus schedules and bus locations.
  • Get Help - Users will have ready access to lists of emergency services and contact information.

As a result of these changes, the team anticipates a much larger presence of the service throughout the Emory Community by way of additional application downloads. Over the coming months and years, the Emory Mobile team will continue to add more applications to make Emory-specific information available anywhere, anytime for mobile devices.

For additional information on this or any other Emory OIT service, please contact the
University Service Desk at 404-727-7777, Monday - Friday 7 am - 6 pm.