Box Office Avaya Move Receives Standing "O"

July 1, 2011

Collage illustration of digital videoAs the UTS Single Voice Platform (SVP) team continues the University conversion phase of the SVP III project, the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts was completed to rave reviews.

"The Arts at Emory box office productivity relies heavily on our phone system," said Stephanie Patton, Manager of the Box Office. "It is our lifeline to the public and our patrons. Most of our ticket sales are through phone orders. We were nervous about the transition to Avaya, as our phone system is complex and we cannot be without phone access."

The SVP team was worried about the way the box office phones were set up, as the Schwartz Center was using a Universal Call Distribution (UCD) on the Nortel system. The Box Office calling tree (404-727-5050) is the most complicated tree in the entire SVP project.

This effort was part of the overall SVP III project, which is taking all Nortel service on the Nortel switch and changing it over to Avaya. Nortel is old technology that is no longer supported and is going away. With Avaya, the Schwartz Center can achieve better reporting on the calls that come in and tailor them to their needs using the Avaya IQ functionality.

The Box Office required the full collaboration of the SVP core team, which includes data engineers, field services, the PMO, and coordinator services. The project finished on schedule and the folks at the Box Office were highly pleased with the results.

Said Stephanie, "Our conversion was flawless. The UTS team was accurate, thorough, and extremely responsive to any changes that needed to be made. The box office now has a phone system that will better our productivity and customer service."

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